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The Gun Under My Pillow

Image of The Gun Under My Pillow


Sattelyte wakeskates and RedButton Creative have teamed up to produce Sattelyte's sophomore team video release: The Gun Under My Pillow.

Documenting the team's life on the road, the video will include footage from: Arizona, Nevada, California, Ontario, and Japan – just to name a few locations. The video will also include footage from Sattelyte's upcoming team trip across Germany.

Expect to see a well-rounded mix of interesting locations, solid wakeskating, and, of course, plenty of Sattelyte tomfoolery.

The video will include riding from: Brandon Livermore, Nic Harlos, Jeff Engen, Toshiaki "Yoda" Tokoyoda, Evan Reid, and Matt Sacchitiello. The video will also include an extensive Friends section.

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